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Nigerian Woman Whom Peter Obi Shed Tears For Because She Allegedly Couldn’t Afford N75,000 Oven Is From Influential Family, Member Of LP Presidential Council


Sophia is also a member of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council.

Gimba Sophia, the young woman to whom the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi gifted some money to enable her to purchase an oven to start her business is from an influential family and not a poor background as claimed.


Sophia is also a member of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council.


After losing the presidential election to the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, Obi shed tears while lamenting the sufferings of young Nigerians in the country. 


He narrated his meeting with Sophia, alleging she could not secure a job anywhere and did not have just N75,000 to buy an oven to start her bakery business.


“She has no job, she graduated since 2018. She told me she is learning how to bake. Then I asked her why she is not baking instead of coming here to do this, she said she doesn’t have N75,000 to buy an oven. That is the life you get in Nigeria; people who don’t have N75,000 to buy an oven,” he had said.


Days after, Obi offered the Nigerian lady financial assistance.


Sharing photos of his meeting with her on Twitter, he wrote, “Today, I fulfilled my pledge to assist Ms. Gimba Sophia Emmanuel in her aspiration to acquire an oven and start her baking and confectionery business.


“She has indicated that she will procure a Made in Nigeria oven – thus enhancing the value chain and putting into effect, the consumption to production mantra.”


However, some people who know the lady said she’s not from a poor background as claimed.


“Sofia Gimba is not a poor lady or from a poor background that can't afford N70,000 as Mr Peter Obi want Nigerians to believe.


“Sophia is from a well-to-do home. Her dad is a senior police officer. She's also a member of LP campaign committee, not a random person,” one of them said.


A Twitter user added, “Here is a daughter of a senior police officer. She comes from well to do family. A member of Labour Party campaign team but they made it seem like she was just a total stranger. Her name is Sophia Gimba. Go check her social media account and see for yourself if she is the type that lacks N75,000.”